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alcoteens's Journal

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Teen Alcoholics Support
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this is a place of support for teenage alcoholics or for teenagers who have to live with alcoholic parents, siblings, friends et cetera, or if you are or know someone who is addicted to drug use, or anything else you are worried about.

this is not a place to judge others, there's no need for that. this is a place to discuss ways of helping yourselves and your friends and family. i don't know all the answers, i'm just a teenage girl living with an alcoholic mother.

i dont know if anyone feels the same, but this is here for anyone who feels the need to just talk to a whole bunch of strangers about their problems. If you want to talk to me privately about anything, just email me, talk to me on MSN, or send me an instant message on AIM.

this community is open to anyone, regardless.

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