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im gunna try and make this as short as possible

hey everyone. My name is joana.
I started drinking when I was 15. At my high school it was like, the thing to do because our high school dances were lame.
I pretty much was drunk every other week my junior year because of dances [which were every 4 weeks] and parties. My friends were worse, but theyre not my friends anymore.
senior year I started getting depressed and anxious and would go out in the hopes of getting drunk and forgetting.
I didnt really realise it was drinking that was the problem, not my surroundings. I left my high school [I finished high school last month!!] and cut off all my friends, but I couldnt stay away from the parties. So I went to a cast party for my schools winter play. I had 4 beers and hooked up with this guy I really didnt like. Whats worse is this guy who I had started to like at the party [when I had been sober] saw us and I really hurt his feelings. I felt disgusting and used and like no one liked me anymore, so I began identifying myself as mormon and left alcohol behind me.
I lasted until I decided not to officially join the church and to not identify myself as mormon anymore because of differences in beleifs.
I got drunk very soon after, because its problems with me, not the people around me
both times I got drunk I called the boy I had dated last summer and really liked and missed. He doesnt really talk to me anymore.
I think im an alcoholic and I think I need some support, so Im glad this community is around.
Im here for anyone, and I hope everyones here for me.
feel free to ask any question you want
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