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Teen Alcoholics Support's Journal

2nd January, 2015. 11:32 am.(kak99)

Hi. I'm Karleigh.
I'm 15, but I feel like an adult. I've had to grow up a lot in the past 2 years.
My parents are alcohol loves. I don't know if they are alcoholics, but I know it is their "stress reliever" and "how they have a good time." My two older brothers, 28 and 30, have been getting I to them about it since before I was born. Nothing has helped. I lost my best friend over it. I'm emberassed to bring people around. When I talk to them about how uncomfortable it makes me or my friends, they get defensive. I don't know what to do. They don't listen to anyone.

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24th September, 2008. 1:51 pm. New here(heartbroken72)

Heya. Doesnt look lyk any1 actually visits this community but what the fuck ill post anyway. Im 15 but look 19 thus making it easy to jst simply walk into a liquor store im pretty fuckn tall so that helps to.. The law here in south africa is 18 years.. I get hectically drunk atleast 6 times a week, normally i wud have a gud drinking session before school thus making it easier to cope. Oh well hope people actually post back. I think its time to get help.

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8th August, 2006. 7:09 pm.(dinosaurrex)

Hey, I'm new. My names Rex.
I noticed that this community is quite dead, but, I'm gonna post anyway.
I'm 16, I've had a drinking problem for about 2 years. Last fall and this winter was my worst, I would get drunk alone about 3 or 4 times a week. I would often go to school drunk.
In february I joined an outpatient rehab, but quite about 3/4 of the way through because I didnt have the time or money to do rehab and therapy at the same time and my mom felt i needed therapy more. Probably true.
Anyway, I relapsed twice while I was in rehab, but they didn't find out until the end because there as many of you probably know, there are many ways to fool drug tests.
So after my 2 relapses I remained sober for 69 days. Mainly because I had no way of getting alcohol. I usually just steal it from my mom, she started hiding it in the most secretive places, but i would rip the house apart and find it, but after I went into rehab, my mom got rid of all the alcohol in the house.
My mom has began bringing alcohol back into the house, and doesnt even bother trying to hide it.
I saw it and drank it on 2 seperate occasions.
Right now, I'm on vacation, there's alcohol everywhere, but all eyes are on me. My mom, sisters, uncle, aunt, and cousin are all watching my every move making sure I don't drink.
I'm dying.
My sister's leaving tonight, so hopefully I'll be able to sneek some.
I think my sister and cousin might have drank their entire bottle though, and my mom and aunt are watching theirs like a hawk.
i don't know...i'm just rambling.

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6th October, 2005. 11:47 pm.(avoideyecontact)

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1st October, 2005. 9:42 pm.(peahigirl)

2 months sober!!!

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12th August, 2005. 7:52 am.(communityjunk)


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11th August, 2005. 8:26 pm. hello(wrappedsweets)

A just joined and wanted to say hello. I am 18, been drinking since i was about 11, one of my parents is a diagnosed alcoholice, one is getting theer. I drink everyday, i get drunk probably every other day. I drink every type of drink, if it has a %. I drink to get drunk but i also enjoy the lazy relaxed feeling where you can forget everything. I haven't had a drink for about a day now and i was shaking, proving indeed that i may actually have a problem, somehting may be wrong. Thats why i decided to try to get some support. I've decided to stop drinking. Stop just go cold turkey. But i need a bit of help along the way.

Current mood: embarrassed.

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9th August, 2005. 12:27 am.(peahigirl)

wanted to write that today [11 days sober] I went to a pary and not only was there beer but everyone had to do a champagne toast. I held the plastic cup full of liquid I knew would make my anxiety go away but I handed it to soeone else

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29th July, 2005. 12:26 am.(peahigirl)

I told two people that I was persuing sobriety today.
they were generally unphased by it.
is that normal?

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27th July, 2005. 6:40 pm. im gunna try and make this as short as possible(peahigirl)

hey everyone. My name is joana.
I started drinking when I was 15. At my high school it was like, the thing to do because our high school dances were lame.
I pretty much was drunk every other week my junior year because of dances [which were every 4 weeks] and parties. My friends were worse, but theyre not my friends anymore.
senior year I started getting depressed and anxious and would go out in the hopes of getting drunk and forgetting.
I didnt really realise it was drinking that was the problem, not my surroundings. I left my high school [I finished high school last month!!] and cut off all my friends, but I couldnt stay away from the parties. So I went to a cast party for my schools winter play. I had 4 beers and hooked up with this guy I really didnt like. Whats worse is this guy who I had started to like at the party [when I had been sober] saw us and I really hurt his feelings. I felt disgusting and used and like no one liked me anymore, so I began identifying myself as mormon and left alcohol behind me.
I lasted until I decided not to officially join the church and to not identify myself as mormon anymore because of differences in beleifs.
I got drunk very soon after, because its problems with me, not the people around me
both times I got drunk I called the boy I had dated last summer and really liked and missed. He doesnt really talk to me anymore.
I think im an alcoholic and I think I need some support, so Im glad this community is around.
Im here for anyone, and I hope everyones here for me.
feel free to ask any question you want

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